Jes Extender is the most modern method of lengthening the penis, which uses natural penis traction and the body's ability to adapt to new conditions. In the case of the Jes Extender, penis is subjected to stretching, so that cells which builds it, divide and multiply by adding length and volume. This action makes the effect is long-term and do not end with the discontinue the application !

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The advantages of the Jes Extender product

Jes Extender it is the product recommended for all men, independently from the size of the penis. This device allow strengthen your cock even about 2,8 cm by regular wearing and fitting to the power of the pressure.

Why it is worth to bet on Jes Extender?

At the market, there are plenty of these kind of products, which helps with strengthen of the penis. Known to all dietary supplements and pumps makes the desired effect, however, it is short-term and it may cause unwanted side effects. Jes Extender is a guarantee not only the efficiency but also the safety. Using the Jes Extender is a painless alternative to the injections or plastic surgery. It does not damage the blood vessels, swelling, erectile dysfunction.

Jes Extender uses the natural processes of growth of cells during the use of force. Thebig advantage of this mechanism is that the effects are maintained permanently. After using Jes Extender, your penis just has more cells, which gives it the volume and length!

Jes Extender

How to use the Extender?

Jes Extender device is easy to use, and its use doesn’t require any medical knowledge. Jes Extender can be easily used during the day, but it is important to match the right clothes. The best will be are trousers and shorts.

In the first weeks, experts recommend wearing the device for 1 hour per day. In the next weeks, the time may be increased up to 6 hours. At the end of use, you can extend the wear time up to 12 hours per day, but it should not be exceeded.

Attention! The device should not be worn during sleep and a big physical effort, as this may cause a movement of the product.

Men about Jes Extender

Jes Extender

Thomas W.

„Finally, I came across for right product. Before, I gave tempted on dietary supplements, but it didn’t cause long-term effects and after some of them I felt terrible. Jes Extender it is surely better solution, because it uses the natural processes and his operation is really easy! After 4 months my penis is longer about 2,1 cm! For me it is a lot of but I will be happy to check the results after next 2 months!

„This is it! Up to know, I was ashamed about the size of my penis and I had low self-esteem. Surgery and injections are not included in the game (probably every guy will understand me). Initially, I wanted to order the pump, but I quickly threw this idea out of my head. So I decided to invest in a device Jes Extender. It was an excellent choice! After two months, my penis is longer by 1.5 cm "

Jes Extender

Robert M.

How to order the Jes Extender device?

Do not be tricked by slogans that size does not matter! Every man dreams of an impressive long penis! Jes Extender allow to achieve it in a painless, easy way!

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In the set of Jes Extender are included: elements of the device, clear manual instruction, instructional DVD in 6 languages. All packed in an elegant package.

Jes Extender